Think-Cell License Agreement

The License Key dialog box is used to notify the user. If the license key is not yet over, the message “The license key to this think-cell product will soon expire. You must enter a new license key:” is displayed with the expiry date. The user has the following possibilities: You will find in our privacy statement the information processed by think-cell and how your data is processed. If the id, idMso or idQ attribute is specified with the RIBBONPPTABINSERT property, the think-cell group is placed in the Insertion tab. If no idQ or idQ attribute is specified with the RIBBONPPGROUPINSERT property, a unique identifier is automatically generated for the think-cell group. In addition, if the RIBBONPPGROUPINSERT property does not indicate a name, the think cell is used. Think-Cell installation files setup_-.msi and setup_-.exe include the same settings as Windows msiexec control, although not all combinations are recommended and supported. Note that there is only one installation program and think-cell will use 32-bit or 64-bit as needed. Use the setup_-.exe to install think-cell by double-clicking on the installation file. RIBBONPPGROUPINSERT-“insertAfterMso”GroupFont” label “think-cell” sudo plutil – replace “licensekey” → channel “ABCDE-… Config.plist For Microsoft 365 licensing plans, including Office 365, Microsoft offers different update channels that provide updates with different frequencies and timelines.

think-cell supports all Office 365 update channels. We check Microsoft updates for all channels every night, and if there`s an update in conflict with think-cell, we immediately start working on an appropriate think-cell update. Automatic think-cell updates are supposed to be enabled below. To do this, log in here (or become premium first here), select the think-cell tab, accept the software license agreement and confirm that you are an individual advisor and that you do not have collaborators. Your contact information will then be forwarded to think-cell and the Think-Cell team will contact you for the next steps in the purchase of the license. On our customer portal, you can order online and start in minutes with think-cell.

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