Sponsored Research Agreement Stanford

In addition to RPH-sponsored projects: sponsored project categories, the following categories of specialized agreements are defined and treated as sponsored projects. Sponsored research agreements (SRAs) provide the conditions for research at Stanford, funded by external parties. ICO negotiates SRAs when companies fund projects at Stanford and seek licensing fees for intellectual property or research reports. For more information, check out our model of sponsored search agreements. ICO is also dealing with changes to industry-sponsored research agreements. The sector-funded clinical trial agreements are concluded by the Clinical Trial Research Management Group (CT-RMG). clinical studies and other non-industrial agreements supported by the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR). If your research involves interactions with the industry or its funding, or if you need research equipment from laboratories outside Stanford, the Industrial Contracts Office (ICO) negotiates and signs your agreements on behalf of the university. Beta test site agreements are contracts by which commercial operators test and evaluate the early development of products. The proposed agreements come from companies that have agreed to make available to academic departments different products and/or software in exchange for evaluation. Beta-test agreements must be treated as sponsored research projects through the Office of Sponsored Research. We negotiate sponsored research and other research-related agreements with industry. These agreements range from years of master`s cooperation to individual research projects with large and small businesses.

ICO processes equipment transfer agreements with all kinds of companies: companies, government agencies and non-profit. ICO also makes agreements for industry affiliate programs. What are the necessary authorizations for the use of specific materials in the research project? Stanford`s research and purchasing offices can help manage the implementation of the data agreement: ICO has the authority to sign SRAs on behalf of the university`s board of directors. The ISPs also sign to recognize that they understand the terms of the agreement and will comply with it. Once the sponsor has signed, the contract will be executed in full. “Cooperation” is different from sponsored research Intergovernmental Agreements on Personal Personnel (IAP) are a service agreement that allows Stanford employees to serve or cross paths with federal agencies for a limited period of time. Some or all of their salaries and human resources are paid by the federal authority under Title IV of the Intergovernmental Personnel Act, while they are still considered Stanford employees, and their return to Stanford has been assured. However, in order to monitor compliance with existing regulations, these agreements are managed by the Stanford Office of Sponsored Research. The IAP proposals should be submitted to all members of the debt. The Dean will verify the adequacy of the agreement and the need for certification by Stanford in order for the participating employee to be returned to the same or similar position at the end of the task. The Dean will inform the Stanford employee of his decision and forward the authorization to the Office of Sponsored Research to submit it to the appropriate government authority. A SRA is a contract that is used when a company provides Stanford with funds for a particular researcher to follow a given area of research within a set time frame.

Master Sponsored Research or “Umbrella” are useful when a company plans to fund several projects at Stanford.

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