Rental Agreement Thailand Sample

Thanks to Ae for her help in creating and translating this rental agreement template into Thai English and to Ann for her help with the first translation tasks. Thailand levies construction tax and property tax up to 12.5% of the annual rent, in accordance with the rental agreement or the annual value established by the Land Department, according to the higher value than real estate that is not the owner`s main residence (for example. B a second home or property rented by the owner). In the case of real estate (real estate AND house) owned by a company, the building tax and the property tax of the company must be paid by the company, whether the rent is paid or the company derives income from it. In the context of an official (licensed) real estate development, the content of the property purchase agreements under which the property is sold must comply with strict land rules and laws on housing and consumer protection. A copy of the private lease is annexed to the land law deed, together with the official rental document of the Regional Office. Commercial rentals are housing rentals subject to the Civil and Commercial Code. It is only to stimulate foreign investment that the Thai government has put in place a specific law, the “The Hire of Immobilable Property for Commerce and Industry by Aliens Act B.E. 2542”. This law applies only if the conditions of this law are met (a considerable investment and transfer to Thailand), if this is not the case, the rental of real estate for trade and industry by foreigners is subject to the “Rental of property” section of the Civil and Commercial Code. Important note: This model rental agreement in Thai English is provided in the hope that it may prove useful.

However, it is not offered with the guarantee that it is appropriate for this purpose. Also, no support is available. All rights and obligations of this work are abandoned. . . .

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