Abreviacion De Agreement

SLA – Service Level Agreement: Service Level Agreement. NDA – Confidentiality agreement: confidentiality agreement. . ITRC: (Interstate Technology Regulatory Coordination). Regulatory coordination of technology between ISC states: (Industrial Source Complex). EPNL Industrial Source Complex: (Effective Perceived Noise Level). IBSIN Perceived Noise Effective Level: (Innovations in the construction of sustainable industries). Innovations in the construction of sustainable industries HECC: (House Energy and Commerce Committee). U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee FRP: (Facility Response Plan). Installation response plan . MSRP – Manufacturer-recommended selling price: proposed selling price. .

FACA: (Bundesbeiratgesetz). Federal Advisory Committee Act This may cause the reader some comprehension problems that are not familiar with the terminology of Anglo-American contract law (contract law). EASI: (Alliance for the Environment for Senior Participation). GAW Environment Alliance to Envelop Agings: (Global Atmospheric Watch). FID Global Atmospheric Monitoring: (Flame Ionization Detector). EDD flame ionization detector: (execution decision document). PIP decision document: (implementation planning program). Built-in plotting package; Intermed parliamentary priority material (document); Independent electricity producer). Implementation planning program. Built-in plot package. Multi-Media Priority Pollutant (document).

Independent energy manufacturer I/M: (inspection/maintenance). FFEO Inspection/Interview: (Federal Office of Public Servants. Federal Institutions Implementation Office FRS: (Formal Reporting System). EPD Formal Reporting System: (Emergency Planning District). ICAP Emergency Planning District: (inductive argon plasma). INductively Coupled Argon Plasma ERAMS: (Environmental Radiation Ambient Monitoring System). Environmental Radiation Monitoring System in the Environment Below is a list of the most common abbreviations and acronyms for you to follow: ICWM: (Institute for Chemical Waste Management). Institute for Chemical Waste Management. IAG: (Interagency Agreement). FYI Interagency Agreement – For your information: for your information.

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