About Us

Who we are:

Triad Precision Products is a full service machine shop, which has been serving the Blow molding industry since 1991.

What we do:

Triad Precision Products is a manufacturer of Blow molding machine components. Some of the products we inventory are; Blowpins, Blowpin holders, Blowpin calibration stations, Head tooling, PE & PVC Programmers, Stripper plates, & Mold closing toggle assemblies, all made to OEM specifications. If you have any special projects, we can work from your drawings, or put our design team to work to solve them.

Equipment list:

Turning centers:

  • Mazak    QT-8 (1), QT-15 (1), QT-20 (1), QT-250 (2), QTS-250 (2)

Machining centers:

  • Mazak NEXUS 510C (1) 40” x 20” x 25” travel
  • Amera Sekei VAS-3 (1) 40” x 20” x 25” travel

Eldorado Gun drill Ø3/16” thru Ø1” (1)

Prototrak MX3 Mill (1)                    Engine lathe (5)

Manual Mill (4)                                 Surface grinder (1)

Band saw (2)                                      Miller welder (1)


SolisWorks; AutoCad; GibbsCAM

Our Goal:

Triad Precision Products is a service orientated company. We try to provide our customers with a high quality product, which is competitively priced, and delivered on time.


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